Tanker Services

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Annual Inspections

V - External Visual Inspection
I - Interior Visual Inspection
L - Liner Inspection
K - Leak Test
P - Pressure Test
UC - Upper Coupler Inspection

In order to keep our Inspectors, Technician, & Your Equipment safe, we perform Washouts & Purges prior to Inspection. The types of Inspections conducted are VKs, VILKs (One Year Inspections), VILK P UCs (Five Year Inspection) & EPA Method 27. We specialize in MC/DOT 306/406, 307/407, 312/412, & we can leak test MC 331.

Trailer Supplies

We can supply API Load Heads, Butterfly Valves, Caps (Camlock & Threaded), Emergency Fire Valves, Gaskets, TTMA Sight Glasses, Pressure/Vacuum Vents, & Uppler Couplers

We are also able to special order other supplies.

SALES & Services

We are a verified Dealer for both
Garnet Instruments & Titan Logix equipment. 

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